Laurie Concannon

I really enjoyed the work I completed for the project and on submission of my entry in November I did not anticipate this outcome at all. I was absolutely thrilled to have been selected for the shortlist, to have been selected for the grand prize is just beyond words. It is such a fantastic honor to have had my work selected by such an esteemed company as Yamaha and by such a renowned graphic designer as head juror Neville Brody. Since beginning my studies I have been fascinated by his work and thoroughly enjoyed seeing him speak at OFFSET in Dublin last year. To know that a designer of his social standing and expertise has come into contact with a piece of my work is just breathtaking. In terms of my career going forward I believe this award is an incredible achievement to have in my portfolio and one which I expect will help to open a lot of doors for me as a graphic designer, for that I am incredibly grateful. I am currently in my final year of study in Dublin Institute of Design and am thoroughly looking forward to commencing my career as a graphic designer on completion of my degree. On receipt of the wonderfully generous prize my intentions are to use it in furthering my education, broadening my horizons through travel and continued experimentation in design.


Neville Brody / Head of juries
Graphic designer, typographer and art director

This piece shows the power of expression in an abstract way. It's neither too much nor too little. Since the fundamental principle of the “blank space” has been captured, this piece has unlocked the potential to be used in many different forms of media.

Kawada Manabu / Yamaha Design section panel member
Design Laboratory General Manager

While these lines are depicted as playing with quadruple rhythm, there also exists dynamics and variations, which fluctuates and stimulates our "Kando". We are able to see the feelings and subtleties of the artwork coming forth.

Akihiro “Dezi” Nagaya / Yamaha Design section panel member
Chief General Manager of Design Centre Design Director

"Kando" has a wide variation of elements ranging from static to impulse to continuity. This piece has an array of dynamism and rich expression. Depending on the perspective, it looks as if part of the track has been cut out.


Feel the Kando Spirit.


Faryl Roberts

I am a student currently studying Graphic Communications at the Dublin Institute of Design in Ireland. I am unbelievably honored to have won the audience award of the Graphic Design competition by Yamaha and I really feel it will help me further my career in joining the design industry. I chose to do this brief as I have such a passion for branding and found the competition really engaging. I was able to push myself to really think outside the box and as the brief was quite open I was really able to be as creative as I could be when finding solutions for ‘Kando’. Neville Brody is one of the greatest Graphic Designers, who’s work I really admire and I felt greatly privileged and pleased for my design to have got as far as it did under his judgment.


The 15 highest ranking pieces to pass the initial trial were subjected to the Open Review. The most satisfactory pieces were “liked” by the many users from around the world who participated. The piece with the most votes was “ Feel the Kando Spirit” and was chosen for the “Audience Award”.


    The whole competition, I think was a fantastic opportunity for, first of all, two different parts of Yamaha to work together in this fantastic creative space. And then also to link with the rest of the world for young designers. And I understand there are around 69 different countries. There are about 1100 entries. Which is fantastic. And I think the competition has a really, very strong future. There's a great beginning and we are going to give some young designers opportunity to be seen and their work to be seen.

    Head of jury / Neville Brody

  • Neville Brody

    Graphic designer, typographer and art director.

  • Manabu Kawada

    Design Laboratory General Manager

  • Akihiro “Dezi” Nagaya

    Chief General Manager of Design Centre Design Director

Graphic form of Kando



The shape of the pictogram was inspired by the bass clef symbol found in Western music, by the curving lines used to represent the pictograms arms as well as abstract circle representing the pictograms head. It also links to music of Japan. The Dadaiko drum in the Gagaku orchestra incorporates the ying-yang symbol that forms the drum. The ying-yang symbol is a very important symbol to the Japanese people that represents balance. It is depicted in my pictogram in the flow of the arms and represents the balance and equal importance of Yamahas’ music and motor-based products. The figure when viewed as a whole also represents the ’Y’ in Yamaha, which links Kando to being apart of the Yamaha Corporation. The ‘Y’ shape is also painted in a way to look like a person expressing profound excitement and raising their arms up in the emotion felt by it.

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